As a modern forward-thinking practice, MAC Architects fully embrace technology and realise the benefit and importance of utilising the latest hardware and software to deliver our clients accurate and reliable data, ensuring the smooth design, development and delivery of their project. Our approach optimises efficiency, promotes interactivity and above all maximises value for money.
MAC Architects use the very latest Apple Hardware. Our 27” iMAC's have 4.0GHz Intel Core i7 processors with 16GB 1867 MHz DDR3 memory. MAC Architects also have a continuous upgrade programme to ensure we consistently remain ahead of our competitors and continue to maximise the quality and delivery of our product.
MAC Architects use the very latest ArchiCAD software which is a fully compatible BIM (Building Information Modelling) software. This latest generation 3D modelling software puts traditional 2D CAD software firmly in the dark ages. The BIM concept creates a virtual construction model prior to it's actual physical construction, in order to increase accuracy, reduce uncertainty, maximise efficiency and simulate and analyse potential impacts. MAC Architects implement the BIM concept to every project no matter how small. Currently MAC Architects are one of only a few practices in the country to have BIM integrated at the core of our business.
MAC Architects use the benefits and accurate modelling of ArchiCAD in combination with ArtLantis Studio to produce visualisations of the highest quality in order to demonstrate designs to our clients. In addition to our visualisations we can also create video fly throughs as well as accurate sun studies of proposals. Indeed a number of architect's in the area utilise our services to provide renders for their projects.
In line with our constant evolution, MAC Architects are delighted to offer the latest fully interactive visualisations to our clients. iVisit 3D utilises fixed cameras that can be located throughout a scheme and allow a fully interactive three dimensional pan and zoom function. This software is also supported as a free downloadable app for your iPhone or iPad. iVisit 3D is an ideal way to show designs to friends and family and for our commercial clients it is undoubtably an exemplary marketing tool for demonstrating proposals and products to clients, colleagues and funders.
Working in parallel with our core design software Archicad 21, Graphisoft BIMx provides a futuristic breakthrough in connecting our clients with our 3D design process by allowing direct exploration in an interactive way. BIMx provides real-time navigation within our designs enchanted with layer options, fly-mode and pre-saved walkthroughs for the ultimate design exploration. By utilising the capabilities of Archicad 19 and BIMx we can apply surface material finishes, highlight volumes and identify sizes and quantities at the click of a mouse. To see the full functions of BIMx please follow the link to www.graphisoft.com/bimx
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© 2019
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