The MAC ethos is a constantly evolving pro-active approach to produce buildings of the highest design standards in close consultation with our clients. We view technology as a core driver within our business and we strive to not only innovate, but ultimately raise the bar amongst our peers. At MAC Architects we constantly review and evolve our internal process to ensure we avoid complacency with the ultimate goal to provide a level of service, efficiency, expertise and value for money that is unrivalled.
As architects we are passionate about design, materials, the play of light, textures, context, space and volume and believe architecture at it's best draws on materialism and phenomenology. Whilst always on the look out for inspiration and innovation we believe the foundation of any design evolves from the vision of our clients and opportunities of the site. Ultimately we believe we can produce great architecture no matter what the budget.
At MAC Architects we are passionate about sustainable design. Although there are many opinions and interpretations as to what sustainable design actually means, at MAC Architects we believe in a holistic approach which blends energy efficiency and functionality. We also believe that sustainability extends to the health and wellbeing of the buildings occupants and as a result we often apply an inside out approach to our design process. Ultimately we would like to design each building to be completely self-sufficient and carbon neutral, but are realistic about individual budget restraints, aiming to work with each client to find the best compromise between budget and energy efficiency, taking into account whole life build/energy costs.
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© 2019
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